Tulane Criminologist Peter Scharf says the drive-by shooting in the Lower 9th Ward Sunday night that left two people dead and five others, including three children, injured is a horrible sign for the city.

Scharf tells 99.5 WRNO, "We have a hard-core, very morally indiscriminate group of younger folks who will shoot you if you get in the way."

Scharf says he's concerned about a number of adverse trends, "like these pockets of chaotic youth groups with guns and dope bent on revenge and also the attrition of police officers and the limited success in other areas."

Scharf says the city's murder rate this year appeared to be trending down compared to last year and 2012, but he's not sure which way it's going to go and he doesn't think anyone else knows either. He said we may know more in October after the 3rd quarter crime statistics have been released.