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At only seventeen years old, U.K. native and indie-pop singer/songwriter Birdy has been making waves across the pond. Known best for her soulful sounds, Birdy's songs give off a melancholic feel, making listeners feel her every emotion.

Growing up in a musical household, Birdy was naturally drawn to music. She first realized her passion at a young age and at seven learned to play the piano. Just a year later, Birdy discovered her love for songwriting, and at age twelve she won a singing competition; it was at that moment everything clicked for her.

Birdy's cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" can be credited for her early recognition. At just 14, her release was played on Radio 1, shared all over YouTube (currently has over 50 million views) and even scored her a record deal.

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She tells iHeartRadio, "I chose 'Skinny Love' just because I’m such a big fan of Bon Iver and it is one of my favorite songs. I think just because it’s so fragile and something about it really reminded me of my own song writing so I really fell in love with it."

Birdy is not only driven by her passion for music, but is inspired by other artists as well, including fellow Brit John Newman. However she truly believes “amazing music comes from everywhere,” …partially because she’s a huge Taylor Swift fan. She tells iHeartRadio that T-Swift is actually one of her favorite artists!

With only two albums out, Birdy has already been experimenting with her sounds. Compared to her debut album, her second album, Fire Within has more of a pop feel to it.

We have a feeling that Birdy is only beginning to soar her way to the top.

Listen to "Skinny Love" below.