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Hollywood's leading men- by height

Posted June 24th, 2014 @ 9:37am

A list of Hollywood leading men, from shortest to tallest, check it out:

Kevin Hart, 5-foot-2

Daniel Radcliffe, 5-foot-5

Jack Black, 5-foot-6

Tom Cruise, 5-foot-7

Mark Wahlberg, 5-foot-8

Robert Downey Jr., 5-foot-9

Johnny Depp, 5-foot-10

Brad Pitt, 5-foot-11

Ryan Gosling, 6 foot

Bradley Cooper, 6-foot-1

Will Smith, 6-foot-2

Will Ferrell, 6-foot-3

Jason Segel, 6-foot-5

Vince Vaughn, 6-foot-6

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