Ingrid Andress Powerfully Performs Song About Getting Through The Pain

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 9

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Ingrid Andress passionately performed her latest single from her upcoming album on Late Night with Seth Meyers, assuring listeners that they’ll find purpose in their pain someday.

Andress released “Pain” earlier this month. She shared on Twitter at the time that she “wrote this song when i was going thru some major life changes that were extremely difficult. but sometimes you just gotta go head first into the uncomfortable feelings and soak it all in to get to the other, brighter side. I love you and ur gonna get thru it.” She sings:

“Pain/ Girl, I've been there/ Yeah, life, it ain't fair/ It's okay to not be alright/ Just go 'head and cry/ It might sound insane but I promise one day/ You're gon' be thanking your lucky stars/ For all this pain”

“Pain” is one of 12 songs included on Andress’ upcoming album, Good Person, which is set to release on August 26. Fans will already recognize the album’s title track, “Seeing Someone Else” and “Pain.” Andress co-produced the album, which she aims will “tell a story” through its track list. 

Andress powerfully performed her latest single on the late night talk show on Wednesday night (June 29), adding a message at the end: “To those of you that do not feel represented in the recent rulings, I am with you. And I will not stand for it.”

Watch it here:

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