This Restaurant Has The 'Absolute Best' Ribs In Louisiana

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The South is known for many things, including its style of barbecue which varies depending on the region. From tangy Memphis- and Carolina-style barbecue to the smoky flavor of Texas-style dishes, you can find delicious barbecue platters basically anywhere you go.

Mashed compiled a list of the "absolute best" ribs available in each state, and, according to the site, Cou-Yon's nabbed the top spot for Louisiana.

According to the site, customers can't get enough of Cou-Yon's menu, especially its ribs, which come as either spare ribs or baby back. They can also be ordered alongside the brisket to make a combo platter fit for any barbecue lover.

Cou-Yon's is located at 470 North Alexander Avenue in Port Allen, but their Perkins & Acadian food truck sets up shop in Baton Rouge.

Here's what Mashed had to say about the "absolute best" ribs in Louisiana:

"Louisiana's Cou-Yons mixes bajou and barbecue with Cajun-inspired sides like rice dressing and hushpuppies. Cou-Yons also has a fab take on ribs, with partial and full racks of baby back and spare ribs seasoned with a little Cajun kick. According to Yelp reviews, you don't even need a sauce to enjoy these tender, perfectly cooked morsels.
The West Side Journal notes that Cou-Yons is one of the most beloved restaurants in the region and with their lip-smacking ribs, it's no surprise why."

Check out Mashed's full list to see the restaurant in each state that serves up the best ribs.

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