Louisiana Restaurant Named One Of The 'Top 100 Taco Spots' In America

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A restaurant in Louisiana is getting praised for its outstanding tacos, finding a spot among some of the best taco shops in America.

Yelp searched the country to find the best taco shops around, using reviews and ratings to ultimate compile a list of what it determined to be the Top 100 taco spots in America. While some states like Texas, California and Florida had several restaurants on the list, others were represented by a single standout eatery holding its own among the rest, including one restaurant in Louisiana. According to the site:

"Tacos are so popular in the US, they're considered an American comfort food alongside pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs. You can get tacos traditional Mexican style (filled with carnitas and carne asada), or more modern versions filled with Korean BBQ chicken, beer-battered cod, or just about anything you can stuff inside a tortilla."

So which Louisiana restaurant was added to the list?

Birria & Barbacoa de Chivo Los Compadres

According to Yelp, Birria & Barbacoa de Chivo Los Compadres, in Baton Rouge, has 5 out of 5 stars and nearly 100 reviews for its list of tasty dishes like the Quesabirria Special, Consome, Birria Beef Taco, Steak Torta and many more. One reviewer wrote, "Definitely a hole in the wall place. I can't find birria tacos anywhere so tried this place out. AMAZING. I'm drooling just thinking about the tacos."

Birria & Barbacoa de Chivo Los Compadres is located at 10457 Airline Highway in Baton Rouge.

Check out Yelp's full list to see all the best taco spots in America.

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