Let's Not Read Into This Photo Too Much

Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum both posted this message on their Instagram today about their marriage.


This is a pic Channing Tatum posted on his Instagram just a couple weeks ago. But let's not read into this too much. It's just two parents having fun with their daughter. 


How is the couple much different from any other couple who have decided they would be happier apart? Many people have found a way to co-parent their children, and find new ways to love each other, even if they are not romantically involved any longer. 

I respect these two for getting in front of the press with their story before it was made up for them. It's sad things didn't work out for them, but I'm a believer that if you are miserable in your relationship, it's going to destroy you and the people around you. It's not healthy for any family. Pivot and adjust. You may be surprised by the results.



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