Saints Player Rescues Man Outside My Apartment!

Sunday I walked out of my apartment to go to a movie, and walked into what looked like something straight out of a movie. A valet had driven a Mercedes-Benz SUV through the 4th floor of a parking deck, sending concrete showering down and the vehicle crashing to the road below. It's really a miracle there wasn't a car passing by below or someone on the sidewalk.

According to some bystanders, a man who looked like a football player and several other people helped turn the vehicle over and pull the man out.


I scoured news sites looking for information on the man, who was conscious when he was driven away by the EMS. I finally found out more details and was blown away...

New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Mitchell Loewen was at the restaurant across the street having lunch with his wife and kids when he heard the crash. Mitchell ran outside and summoned several other people to assist him in rescuing the man.

What's even more incredible, is that this isn't the first time Mitchell has been a part of a live-saving rescue. Read more here at The Advocate.



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