I Just Joined The Church Choir. This Is Why.

I took the last few days off to visit my grandparents in Texas but I also looped in a visit to The Chief. He wasn't far from where I was going, so I picked up a rental car and drove to see him at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma (which is a beautiful, serene area if you are looking to get away and take a few days off).

I'm from the same part of North Carolina as Eric Church. He and I graduated from the same college. So I've always been a fierce fan of the guy, but I'm not a member of the Church Choir. But this weekend's show changed that.

I’ve been to countless concerts and I've seen Eric a number of times, but this kind of experience was a first for me. When Eric Church arrived at "Record Year" in the show, at least a dozen hands holding vinyl records shot up in the air. Eric collected each one, signed it, and returned it to its owner. 

Never have I seen an artist so connected and gracious to his fans. Never have I seen an artist take that kind of time out of their performance to give back to those who gave him his career.

Eric Church releases his new album "Desperate Man" October 5, 2018. Will his fans in the Church Choir receive the album before everyone else? If this show and Eric's past move of sending "Mr. Misunderstood" out to his fan club without his record label's knowledge, the answer is yes.



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