Ty's Bake Shop Raises Money For Cajun Navy

The WNOE Krewe and I have become fast friends with a very special boy named Ty.

Recently, he heard me talking on the radio about my family and friends in the Carolinas back home dealing with Hurricane Florence. He knew my friend Chris had to evacuate from his home, and Ty has asked me many times if he's okay and what he can do to help.

Ty has been fighting various battles since he was 2 (he is 11 now). Ty has his own backyard bakery and he bakes to keep his mind off this treatments, but also bring joy to others.

Ty told me he was going to do a bake sale for my friends. He asked me who I thought the donation should go to.

I didn't know about the Cajun Navy before moving to Louisiana. As Florence headed in, hundreds of volunteers headed out with their boats and supplies to perform water rescues and provide relief. It was amazing to see this group of people drop everything they had going on and move into action to help others. Many of these people weathered Katrina, and want to be there to help others to weather their own storm.

I told Ty he should make the donation to the Cajun Navy.

Ty loves Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. He watched Trisha's Southern Kitchen while he was in the hospital. And he LOVES the Trisha Yearwood cookbook we gave him.

Ty said his biggest seller at his bake sale was Garth's favorite White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies.


Here's a look at Ty's Bake Shop:

It's Ty's dream to thank Trisha in person for the light she has brought into his life. Please help us share this story so that Trisha can know what a difference she's made for this little boy and the impact he is making in the world!



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