You Are Not Alone.

You may ask yourself, how could someone like Michael Phelps have depression?


The most decorated Olympian of all time was on the Today Show this morning, and shared his experiences with depression, saying there have been times where he hasn't left his house for days and that he's even thought of ending his own life.

Depression doesn't discriminate. Even if it seems someone has it all.


Michael wants people, especially young people, to know it's okay to admit you have a problem, and it's okay to ask for help.

Michael has invested in a company called Talkspace, which is making access to licensed therapists as easy as opening an app on your phone.


If you struggle with depression or anxiety, please know you are not alone! It's been a major obstacle in my life as well. 

The first step is acknowledging you want better for yourself. You are worthy of a happy life. The next step is talking to someone about it. 

You can try an app like Talkspace, make an appointment with a therapist in person, or join a support group. Tell a friend or a family member. Or even a stranger! I'm right here...

The relief you will feel from sharing will be cathartic.

You are not alone.



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