Will This Name Make Or Break This Kid?

A Texas mom says her 5-year-old daughter was name shamed when boarding a Southwest Airlines flight in Texas:


While I disagree with the actions of the Southwest employee, I think the bigger issue here is why a parent would give their child such a challenging (or simple, depending on how you look at it) name. 

Her success in the world is going to be determined by how she responds. No doubt, she'll stand out. Will she use the attention to build her strength and confidence, or will it tear her down?

Regardless, if we're going to pass judgement as adults, let's not let it fall on the kid. Abcde going to get enough flack as it is.

As one of numerous Ashley's in all my grades throughout school (in one class there were five of us), I badly wanted a different, more unique name.

But today, I am grateful to be an Ashley.

Will Abcde have the same feelings about her name when she grows up?



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