Ashley's Knee Surgery: Pictures, X-Rays, and Recovery

I'm slowly starting to get back to normal after having reconstructive knee surgery in November. It's a very slow process and I will likely be in an immobilizer (knee brace that locks your leg out so it doesn't bend too far) for the next three to six months.

Five weeks out, I'm finally able to do some weight bearing and I'm getting around as well as I can on two crutches. I've been getting out of the house a lot more, and with that I've been getting questions from just about everyone I've encountered about what happened.

Simply put, my doctor broke my leg and put it back together.

In the video below, you'll get a recap of my surgery including x-rays and pictures taken during my surgery and also of my incision post surgery.


I feel better every week and I have faith that this operation will correct the alignment of my knee. With that, I hope my body (especially my hips) will have a positive response from the improved alignment.

I owe tremendous gratitude to Dr. Wendell Heard, Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine and Tulane Lakeside Hospital for Women & Children.



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