Music City Lowdown: Carly Pearce Takes On Troll, Brittany Aldean Ready

Carly had just got off stage and was on a high from headlining her second show of the weekend, when she checked her messages. She said that’s what she always does because she wants to see how much fun people had at the show. 

Carly was shocked to find a message from someone in the crowd that took a picture of her belly and asked her if she was pregnant. Rude! Carly screenshotted the message and shared it with her followers.



Why take the time and effort to send such a negative message??

Brittany Aldean IS pregnant, telling the world she’s about to pop on Instagram. Brittany snapped a pic of her 37 week belly and says Navy can come anytime because she is ready. Brittany and Jason also said goodbye to their old home this weekend, and are living in a temporary home until their new more family-friendly home is ready next year. By the way, Jason and Brittany may have a future in the house flipping business - they made a nice $2.5 million profit on this former home.


And Eric Church kicked off his Double Down Tour over the weekend. No dates close to us yet, but hopefully we’ll be on the second leg of the tour, or perhaps we’ll see him at Bayou Country Superfest. As of right now, he’s not booked for Memorial Day weekend which is when Bayou Country Superfest will be held at Tiger Stadium.



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