Sheriff's Office Turns Into Daddy Daycare After Parents Called To Duty

What do you do if you have something come up and you can't get to your kids on time?

Reagan's mom and dad both work for a Sheriff's department in South Carolina. They were called to duty and couldn't make it to pick Reagan up at daycare, but their coworkers came to the rescue.

The Sheriffs deputies turned their office into a "daddy day care" last week.


The platoon lieutenant picked up little Reagan himself and brought him back to the office where he was entertained and given ALL THE ATTENTION IN THE WORLD until mom and dad finished their shifts.

"Greenville County Deputies are heroes and phenomenal baby sitters!" Dad and sheriff's office employee Corey Chadwick added in his own Facebook post, “These guys are family to me. They look after my family as their own. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to these leaders. They are really cut from a different cloth.”  



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