The GRLCST Podcast is Here!

GRLCST is a simple podcast with three questions:

What is your story?

What do you want girls to know about the world?

What message would you send to your younger self?

Every girl has her own story. GRLCST is about sharing those stories. 

We'll talk to moms, bosses, artists, experts, survivors, daughters, students, leaders, and there will be plenty of hot messes in there, too. 

Our goal is to be honest and unfiltered. We want to encourage and inspire, but we'll always be real. Because we all know life ain't always pretty.

Each week we talk to a different girl about her hopes, struggles, hustle, wins, and even fails. We'll take those lessons and use them to elevate girls from all walks of life.

Our first GRL is Lindsey Luquette, an aspiring female magician in a very male dominated community.


Listen to the fill interview below! If you'd like to be a guest on GRLCST, email



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