GRLCST: Colbie Caillat and Nellie Joy Reeves of Gone West

"If we can start embracing who we are and letting people see that, it'll inspire more people to feel the same way and realize they're not alone in feeling different."

One of the reasons I wanted to start GRLCST was to let other girls they are not alone when it comes to stress and anxiety. We all have a lot of pressures - those pressures differ for some of us - but whatever you are going through, there's someone else out there whose experiencing the same struggle.

Colbie Caillat has sold over six million albums worldwide and over 10 million singles. She was one of the biggest breakout stars in the mid-2000s, so it was surprising to hear that she suffered from stage fright. Here's someone who has had wildly successful career, yet she shares the same anxiety that many other girls go through.

Nellie Joy Reeves is a songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. She's written songs for Kelly Clarkson and Big & Rich, and was one-half of the Jane Dear Girls, who had a top 10 album on the Billboard Country Charts. Growing up, she says she felt awkward and struggled to fit it. She's learned to accept herself and now feels well supported by her core group of friends and her family.

Colbie and Nellie Joy are now collaborating and starting a new chapter of their careers with the country group Gone West. Nellie's husband Jason and Colbie's fiancee Justin West are also a part of the band, but this is GRLCST, so we're keeping it between us girls!

Listen below to our chat with Colbie and Nellie Joy:



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