Chatting With Kolby Cooper

Kolby Cooper In Concert - Nashville, TN

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

I really enjoyed talking to and getting to know Kolby Cooper. His original dreams were to play football, but a fateful moment with a friend set his path in a different direction and he hasn't looked back since. Kolby shared that story with and played along with a round of "101 Seconds With..." He bent the rules of the game a bit- which I LOVE- and also gave the greatest answer I've ever heard when I asked him about his biggest strength!

Kolby kicks off Rock The Country next weekend at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, also featuring Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Travis Tritt, and lots more!. The festival is Friday and Saturday- Kolby plays Friday- and there are still tickets left here! Get your tickets, join us at Rock The Country, and check out my chat with Kolby here.

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