Chatting With Uncle Kracker

2012 BamaJam Music and Arts Festival - Day 3

Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Most people know Uncle Kracker from his massive hit songs like "Smile," "Follow Me," his excellent version of Dobie Gray’s "Drift Away," and "When The Sun Goes Down," his collaboration with Kenny Chesney. But did you know that Uncle Kracker got his start as Kid Rock's DJ? They were just kids! It's a really great story! He was kind enough to call in earlier today to chat, tell the story of getting started with Kid Rock, he talks about new music, and he gets us ready to see him, Kid Rock, Hank Jr., and more this weekend at Rock The Country in Gonzales. 

Rock the Country is Friday and Saturday- Uncle Kracker goes on Saturday evening at 5. Tickets are still available here, so get your tickets, and check out my chat with Uncle Kracker to hear what he's been up to. He is a HOOT!!! Love him!

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