Chatting With Matt Stell

I really like Matt Stell. He burst onto the Country Music scene a few years back with the number one hit song "Prayed For You" and followed it up with another number one hit "Everywhere But On." Fun fact- he is one of only eight new Country artists in the past six years to have consecutive number hits! He is certainly in an exclusive group!

He put out a new album today called Born Lonely that really shows us the many sides of Matt Stell. It's a really great album- I highly recommend you check it out! He was kind enough to jump on a Zoom call to chat about the new album, plus he shared his love of New Orleans, how terrifying it is to sing the National Anthem at major sporting events, and more. Here is our chat. Enjoy! And please ignore the fact that this was my first Zoom call in our new studio and I wasn't quite set up right at first lol. Growing pains...

Here is the cover to the new album I mentioned. Pretty cool tattoo, huh?!!

Photo: Records Nashville

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