Kane Brown Reveals His Best Friends in Country Music

Kane Brown stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new song “Bury Me In Georgia,” reveal who his country music best friends are and address those retirement rumors about him.  

Kane Brown is no stranger to fans throwing things on stage at him. In April at one of his concerts, he got hit with a boot a fan threw at him. Since then, multiple other artists have been hit by fans throwing objects at them while performing. Brown said it’s weird how it’s become so common now, but as an artist, you can tell when something is thrown for you to sign or when it’s just thrown to hit them.  

Brown recently made history when he became the first black artist to headline Boston’s Fenway Park in June. When looking back on that moment, he can realize how special it was, but when it’s actually happening, you’re just so focused on the show and keep moving on to the next one, that you don’t get to appreciate it until it’s done. His Drunk or Dreaming Tour will come to a close soon, and a highlight of the shows has been when his wife, Katelyn, comes out to sing their song “Thank God” together. He admits that she gets nervous before she goes on stage, and he feels bad for her. They don’t sing that song until later in the night, so it’s hard for her to get out there sometimes.  

His new single “Bury Me In Georgia” is currently a top 10 hit at country radio. He chose it to be his next single because it has a personal connection to him. When everything is said and done, he wants to live in his home state of Georgia. Also, he liked how rocking the song was and enjoyed playing it live. He was nervous to put it on radio because he thought other states would not accept it, but other people brought up songs like “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Californication” that became hits, so he went for it.  

Brown only follows 68 people on Instagram, and he does not have a fake burner account where he follows more people. He personally does not use Instagram that much, it’s more a tool for him to give fans a peek into his personal life, but he does not scroll through often. He did reveal who his best friends in country music that he calls and texts a lot are Jason Aldean, Chris Lane and Jon Pardi.

Brown also admitted that he regrets most of his tattoos. They are a big part of who he is and how he got to where he is in life right now, but thinks he looks like the average rapper, not a country artist. When he almost joined the Army, they were going to make him laser them off, and that was a big reason why he decided not to join. He also shared what is generally bringing him happiness in life right now, which is golf and his kids. Now that they are getting older, he can actually play with them and is really enjoying it.  

A few months ago, rumors that Brown was retiring from music went around, but he wanted to set the record straight. He never said he was quitting music. He said he had just gotten a house in Florida and told them he was taking a break to go down there and spend more time with family. He does not plan on retiring anytime soon and is working on new music and has two new songs coming out soon!  

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