Warren Zeiders Admits He Got Bullied For His Hair

Warren Zeiders stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the first time to talk about his new album, how be hacked the system on social media, talk about when he used to get bullied for his hair and more! 

Zeiders debut album, Pretty Little Poison, is out today (August 18th). For him, it feels like it’s been a long time coming. He spent months working day and night in the studio on the songs, to finally have them out in the world, feels like a weight off his shoulders he said. The album title was inspired from a situation he was once in with a girl. He called it his favorite song he’s ever written and around this time last year, he started playing the title track at his shows to see how the audience reacted to it. Receiving positive feedback and seeing it become a fan favorite, he knew it would be the single.  

Zeiders hails from Hershey, Pennsylvania, and growing up never considered music as a career. His life was centered around sports, and he played lacrosse for 12 years and got seven concussions from it. Everything changed his sophomore year of college during the pandemic. It halted his sports dreams, and he moved back home to figure out his next steps. After receiving some words of encouragement from his friends, he started to post himself singing cover songs on TikTok and went viral. He quickly found success and a fan base and caught the attention of a music manager who believed in his talent, so he started working on his own music. Although sports are no longer a daily part of his life, he still has an athletic mindset. Once he puts his mind to something, he is committed to achieving his goals. Even on his days off he is working to make sure he gives his fans everything they want.  

Life for a new artist can be scary and a lot of work. Zeiders thrives in the chaos by having rituals and habits that he follows. He makes sure to keep a good mental perspective that he developed from sports life and surrounds himself with good people. Staying disciplined is key for him. Even on days when he is tired and does not feel like doing anything, he forces himself to stick with his routine and work towards his goals. Some of those routines on the road for him include daily ice baths, working out and eating healthily.  

Some people say Zeiders hacked the social media system to get his breakthrough. To him, he thinks he’s just doing what any artist should do if they want to be successful. He’s not skipping steps and is using all the tools. He makes sure to post daily and interact with his fans. He pays attention to what people like and what is and isn’t working for him. He listens to what his fans want and makes sure he delivers it. He’s witnessed firsthand how social media can change your life forever. In college he studied marketing and business, so he knows it’s a tool and a job of its own.  

Zeiders is known for his long, brown hair, that his mother and grandmother called “horsehair.” Now, a part of his signature style and he embraces it, but growing up he was made fun of for it. Then, when he started playing lacrosse, everyone wanted the long hair look, and he already had it! He shared his secret to keeping his hair healthy is only washing it two times a week and using dry shampoo in between washes.  

Zeiders has been spending the last few months on the road on his biggest headline run to date. His Pretty Little Poison tour will pick up again in the fall with special guest, A Thousand Horses.

While in studio, Zeiders performed his songs “Pain Killer” and “Pretty Little Poison," watch below!

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