Mary Steele is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy. The only time she didn't live in NOLA was while attending college in Colorado. She has a bachelor's in Communications and Music from The University of Denver. Her first local on-air job was at the classical station, WWNO. Very soon after getting that job, Mary was hired by WNOE. Over the past two plus decades she's worked for numerous different local stations and formats, but the majority of the time she's been with WNOE on and off, mostly on. Some of the other formats Mary has worked in are: Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock, Oldies, Alternative Rock, Classical and COUNTRY! Mary also volunteers sometimes at the non-profit station for the blind and print handicapped, WRBH. She even got Eddie Edwards to start reading for them. Eddie is Mary's favorite co-worker she's ever had the pleasure of "working" with (if you can even call it working)!

Ms. Steele is from a big family. She's one of seven kids who grew up in the Lake Vista area of New Orleans. Her oldest brother is a professional actor. Another brother works for Google/You Tube. Another brother recently started running The Fred Rodgers Foundation (yes, that Mr. Rodgers!) in Pittsburgh. Not to be left out, her youngest brother is a talented musician and the go-to-guy in the family for help with anything tech-related. Her youngest sister has a law degree and works for a federal judge at The LA Supreme Court. She has one other sister who is proud mama of twin girls! Mary's Dad, who looks like Santa, can be seen second lining at just about every local music festival in town. Her Mom & Dad have been happily married for 50 + years! Mary is married and has one daughter who loves WNOE."Sammycat" is now a college grad!

In her spare time, Mary likes to substitute teach and appear as an "extra" in movies, and now music videos! She is currently renewing her interest in acting, taking classes with a local teacher named Jerry Katz, with Katz Acting Joint. It has paid off, as she has gotten a couple of principal parts in films like Parker and The Dunning Man (in production). Her hobbies includedancing, yoga, movies and music (especially live at NOLA festivals!). Mary is SUPER EXCITED to be on the air at WNOE!



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