In The Feels: Been a crummy year for birthdays, we want these Birthday Kits

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Katie Finnicum of Great Falls, Montana, took time out of her busy days to create and donate more than 120 “birthday cake kits” to make sure kids in the community were able to celebrate their birthdays in a special way.

Katie -- who happens to be a teacher, fitness instructor, wife and mother -- was inspired to make the birthday kits from a post she saw on Facebook.

The kits include cake mix, icing, and candles, all wrapped in a disposable baking pan.

She set a goal of putting together 50 of these packages and delivering them to the local school district.

Well, friends, family members, and neighbors stepped up with donations in a big way, and Katie was able to create 122. Last week, she delivered them both to the school district, as well as a community food bank.

Officials at the school were thrilled to see the gift -- and knew exactly which schools were going to benefit the most.