TMSG: 102-Year-Old Fulfills Dream By Making First Album 'Senior Song Book'

Alan Tripp is 102-years-old and had a dream to release an album that never quite happened. That was until now.

3 years ago, Tripp road a poem about his friends that he met at his Pennsylvania retirement community where he lives. After Tripp's 100th birthday, he and his friend 88-year-old Marvin Weisbord set the poem to music.

That was just the beginning for the musical duo. The two went on to release Senior Song Book, an album with music that will transport you back to the 1940s.

The album has 10 songs:

  1. I Just Can't Remember Your Name
  2. Looking In The Mirror
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Because I Care For You
  5. Best Old Friends
  6. Never Too Late For Love
  7. Goodbye, Goodbye Forever
  8. Come On, Tell Me
  9. Looking In The Mirror (Remix)
  10. I Just Can't Remember Your Name (Remix)

You can check out this duo's album of fun music at

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