(Fri Full Show) Gabby Barrett Is On To Talk About Her New Song "Glory Days," Working With Miranda Lambert on her New Album & More! + Why Is Eddie Using a Babysitting App? + Blind Karaoke: Best Country Line Dancing Songs

Can I Spit In Your Mouth?

Zion Williamson has the worst baby announcement of all time and there is one thing from all the drama that stuck out to Lunchbox. Days after the LIV and PGA merger announcement and still nobody understands what is going to happen. Messi is heading to Inter Miami and it's going to shake up the entire MLS! Ray is betting like a homeless guy when it comes to golf and Lunchbox has his heartbroken on baseball parlay. 

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(Fri Early Bird) Fun Fact Friday! + We Play Another Round of Easy Trivia! + Mailbag: Bad Mother's Day Gift

We start the weekend off with some new fun facts! Find out if you know these ones. Then, we play another round of Easy Trivia, hear if there is a new winner this time! Mailbag: A listener thought they gave their wife a good Mother's Day gift: a gift certificate to get their car detailed. She said it was more of a gift for him than it was for her, and he guilt tripped her into taking better care of her car. He needs advice if the gift was truly insensitive or not. We share our thoughts!

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Thursday Post Show (06-08-23)

Bobby talks about the after effects of his Blue Angels flight. We get into a discussion of what guy should model the tank top in our Pimpinjoy photo shoot. A woman is getting in speeding tickets after someone stole her car.

Bobby: $500 – 25%

Lunchbox: $500 – 25%

Amy: $260 – 13%

Eddie: $200 – 10%

Mike: $100 – 5%

Scuba: $100– 5%

Morgan: $100– 5%

Abby: $100– 5%

Raymundo: $100 – 5%

Scuba: $100 – 5%

Kevin: $40 – 2%

Total: $2000

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(Thurs Full Show) Bobby Rode With The Blue Angels! + Why Is Scuba Steve Launching An Investigation Into Lunchbox's Phone Bill? + Who Are The Top 3 Smartest Guests That Have Been On The Show!

Yesterday, Bobby rode with the Blue Angels in one of their fighter jets! He couldn't share any details about it before it happened, but now he can! Did he scream? Did he get sick? Find out everything that happened! Plus, hear why Scuba Steve is launching an investigation into Lunchbox's phone bill after he got a call from his number under a different name. Then, a listener called in wanting to know who the Top 3 smartest guests have been on the show, find out who we chose!

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(Thurs Early Bird) Morgan Got Hit By A Car! + How Did Eddie's Digital Detox Go? + Mailbag: Lied To Boss About Golfing

Morgan got hit by a car in a parking lot! Find out how she's feeling and if she plans to press charges. Then, Eddie's digital detox is officially over and he shared how it went and what he missed the most. Mailbag: A listener started a new job and found out his boss is a huge golfer. So he researched everything about golf to get close with him. He told him he’s a good golfer and now he’s invited to play with him, but he doesn’t know how to. Does he own up to his lie or does he go and try his best? We share our thoughts!

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Use This ONE Word for a More Fulfilled Life + Say This ONE Phrase For Emotional Peace + Do This ONE Thing to Spread Joy

How do you feel about your self-awareness? 95% of people think that they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are! Amy shares a simple fix to increase your self-awareness for a more fulfilled life. This "simple fix" is based on research done by Dr. Tasha Eurich and it all boils down to one word. Amy's cousin, Amanda, joins in on this chat and they both share their experience with this one word and how it's impacted the way they look at their lives. 

The "Let Them Theory" is so simple, you’re going to start using it right away!! It’s a simple phrase that will give you freedom! When you say "Let Them" - you're giving yourself permission to let others do whatever it is that they want to do. You are free from trying to control them. This phrase creates emotional peace for you and a better relationship with the people in your life. Shout out to Mel Robbins for teaching this to us!

Spreading joy is another thing that can lead to a more fulfilled life. We’ve teamed up with BUILDING HOMES FOR HEROES to help veteran USMC Corporal Aaron Mankin and his 2 children. Our LIMITED EDITION Patriotic PIMPINJOY Line is on sale tomorrow (FRIDAY, June 9th) at BobbyBones.com and TheShopForward.com/pimpinjoy – 10a eastern / 9 ct / 8 mt / 7 pt. 

United States Marine Corps Corporal Aaron Mankin enlisted in the military out of his hometown of Rogers, Arkansas in 2003, right at the onset of the war in Iraq. He proudly served his country until he was medically retired in 2008. On May 11, 2005, while deployed near the Syrian border of Iraq, Corporal Mankin’s vehicle was attacked with an improvised explosive device (IED). Since then, he has undergone 70 surgeries throughout his recovery to better his face, hands, and arms. He sacrificed so much and deserves this new home so much. Thank you for shopping PIMPINJOY if you're able to help...and you will get these items in time for 4th of July! 



Amy Brown // @RadioAmy // RadioAmy.com


Amanda Reiger Green // Amy's Psychic Cousin & host of Soul Sessions podcast // @SoulPathology // SoulPathology.com

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Lunchbox Is Moving To Charlotte

The World of Golf was turned upside down yesterday and we try to understand what it all means. Did the PGA win? Did LIV win? How mad would you be if you ended up turning down $100 million like Rory Mcilroy trying to be loyal to the PGA Tour? We have a Brandon Miller update and Lunchbox is back with stories from the Folds of Honor Celebrity Softball game. Also we find out why Lunchbox is moving to Charlotte. 

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(Wed Full Show) Listener Ranks Everyone On The Show + What Did Amy Learn About "Luxury Brands" + Why Will Eddie Never Go Back On This Plane?

Listener Megan in California sent in her power rankings list of all the show members. Find out who came in first and who she put last! Then, hear what Amy learned about "luxury brands" from a person on Instagram and why you should know this sales tactic! Plus, Eddie rode in a tiny plane for the first time and doesn't know if he would do it again, find out why!

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(Wed Early Bird) Why Is Lunchbox Officially a “Free Agent” + Amy Used Alexa To Teach Her Kids What Something Meant + Mailbag: 13-year-Old Too Young To Date

Find out why Lunchbox is now a "free agent" after a team quit on him. Plus, hear the question Amy's kids asked her that she had to use Alexa to help explain. Mailbag: A listeners 13-year-old daughter met a boy at her best friend's birthday party, and he asked her out on a date to the mall and movies. Her dad thinks 13 is too young to go on a date unsupervised, but he does not want to be a helicopter parent. We share our thoughts!

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