Ree Drummond Shares Story About The First Meal She Made For Her Now Husband

Ree Drummond, otherwise known as 'The Pioneer Woman' from The Food Network has a massive following, and a big fan in Bobby Bones girlfriend Caitlin. Her show has been on The Food Network for 25 seasons, and currently she is on her 9th year. Drummond came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk with Bones about his newfound interest in her because of his girlfriend Caitlin.

Every Saturday morning, Caitlin watches Drummond's show and cooks her recipes for Bones. The food though as Drummond calls it, is "not non-fat food." She shared a story about the first meal she cooked for her husband. She says it was on their 3rd or 4th date when she decided to make him dinner and she decided on a linguini with clam sauce meal. She made him a massive plate and he ate every bite of it. During the dinner, he had to go off to answer the phone and when he came back Drummond filled his plate up again where he only ate about half. It wasn't until years later that she found out he didn't like the food at all and isn't much of a fish person. He's much more of a 'simpler food' type of person and he had hoped when the phone call came in, he'd have an excuse to leave so he didn't have to eat anymore. She said now she knows what he loves, but she never knew she'd end up marrying a guy "who doesn't like anything weird to eat."

Caitlin asked Drummond about her Chicken Fried Steak recipe as she plans to make it for Bones birthday coming up since it's his favorite. Drummond suggested that in making it, make sure to get all of the ingredients out and ready ahead of time because it always makes things easier. She says anytime you're cooking, things will always go smoother if you lay all of the ingredients out and prepped beforehand. She said that's also a good tip for people who are attempting to cook right now at home. Drummond also noted for any of the new cooks out there who are learning to cook during quarantine from the coronavirus, that she is posting her recipes and cooking on her Instagram page.

Check out the full interview with The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond below!

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