Amy Had Incident with Stranger Over Parking Spot

Amy was looking for a parking spot and found one that was empty on both sides so she could pull right through and not have to back out.

She loves when that happens because she hates backing up, so when she found that spot, she was so excited! As she was driving out to leave, she drove forward and proceeded with caution in case a car started to pull into the spot, which is exactly what happened, but she was already halfway through the spot when they tried to pull in. All they needed to do was back up a little and let her drive out of the spot and then they could take it, but he wouldn’t move. They just sat there staring at each other for five minutes waiting to see who would move first. There was no one who pulled into the spot behind Amy, so she wasn’t trapped, and the parking lot wasn’t full so there were empty spots he could choose from.  

She was there first, but also understands she might be in the wrong and isn’t sure if she was being ridiculous or he was and asked the entire show for their side. Lunchbox said Amy is on the right on this one. When the parking spot in front of you is open you pull through and the guy just needed to backup to let her drive out. Eddie said her job is to back up out of her spot and not take the convenient way out of just driving forward. Bobby Bones said she should’ve backed up because he didn’t know her intentions with that spot.  

In the end, Amy folded and backed out of the spot. 

Photo: Getty Images

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