Amy Issues PSA for Traveling With Gifts This Holiday Season

Amy issued a PSA if you’re traveling with gifts this holiday season!  

If you’re flying, don’t wrap them because if they pull you aside in security, they are going to make you unwrap the gifts and you’ll have to re-do it once you get to your destination. She saw it happen when she went through TSA recently and felt bad, that the person had to unwrap all of their hard work.  

For the annual Bobby Bones Show Christmas Gift Exchange, Abby’s name was chosen for Lunchbox to buy her a gift that starts with the letter S. This is the second year in a row he’s had to give her a gift and last year he got her a Singing for Dummies book. She imposed that there should be rules put in place for the gift to make sure that it’s an actual valid gift. She wants there to be a board that decides if the person actually tried with their gift.

Scuba Steve was appointed to the board to make sure every gift given starts with the letter S and the gift was not bought as a joke and there was actual effort put into it. If it’s viewed as a throw away or joke gift, the person who gave it will not be able to participate in the Christmas gift exchange on the show for three years and not able to win in any of the games next year.  

The minimal amount of money spent on the gift will be $30 and there is no max limit.  

Photo: Getty Images

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